Story about me

I am a professional animal photographer Anna Averianova. 

I believe that animals are amazing creatures, and each of them deserves their own beautiful and unique photo. I try to convey on the frame not only the external beauty of the animal, but also its unique character. If you want to have such a photo of your pet, then I will be happy to help you with this! See my work, get acquainted with the conditions of photo shoots and contact me to sign up for a photo shoot! 

My pets: New Scotia duck retriever — Ricky and Jack Russell terrier — Daisy. I traveled a lot with them, so the dogs became the main characters of my photos.

 Now we live and work in a very beautiful country of the Black Mountains — Montenegro. 

You can follow our travels and see new photos on my Instagram @annaaverianova

Dog photographer Averianova Anna — Art photography of dogs
Dog photographer Averianova Anna — Art photography of dogs


In 2020, we opened the first photo studio specializing in shooting of pets in St. Petersburg “Animalistica”. 

This is a professional photo studio, which is equipped with all the necessary equipment and conditions for comfortable work with pets. In our studio, I conduct photo shoots, and also offer our studio for rent to my colleagues, animal photographers.

For more information about the studio, please visit the website

At the end of 2022, unfortunately, we closed our studio due to the move home.

We plan to develop a project in Montenegro

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